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Tall one

Tall and classy

the Tall one planter is designed to stand out, break streams of traffic or add to an entrance. It sits great on its own or in a group. Printed in concrete our planters are sturdy yet elegant, resistant to the elements, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are stable yet light and offer a great transition from the straight lines of the built environment to the natural shapes found in the plants that they host.


Dimensions: ⌀50x70cm

The signiture

Timeless classic

The signature series planters are inspired from the classical silhouette of the planter. With the use of coding and design we are able to mix the traditional traits of the planter and add new intertwining patterns that give it very fresh and new look.

Dimensions: ⌀45x40cm


Something new

Our twisted series planters are designed to break the mold of the traditional planter silhouette. They stand out from the crowd and add another dimension to your compositions. Woven with our unique textures, these planters add tranquility and a nice note to the space they are placed.

Dimensions: ⌀30x50cm

Wild one

New Addition

The wild one planters are as their name suggests with a very wild look and experimental character. They use what would normally be considered a defect to turn it into an aesthetical feature. These planters break all traditional understandings of a planter texture and add a lot of natural soft shapes to your composition.

Dimensions: ⌀50x45cm

Scale up

Standing with grace

The scale up planters series are made in a few sizes, they are gracefully standing on their own as centerpieces, next to entrances or as part of a composition. Their elegant form is bringing harmony to the space and gracefully supports the base of the plant, giving it a nice visual podium.

Dimensions: ⌀30x55cm


World cup planter

Coppa planter is a more modern silhouette that combines simplicity and stability. These planters are with a slightly more angular shape, which reminds of an Olympic cup design. They have a wider base which gives more stability for bigger plants.

Dimensions: ⌀30x50cm

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