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About us

We believe that 3D printing is the key to unlocking the potential of the parametric design aesthetic.

We want to lead this trend of breaking with minimalism and embracing the diversity, distinctiveness, variation and splendour that makes our world beautiful.

We are a growing company with an industrial background; we stand for excellence, partnership and high quality. We make contemporary planter solutions for the design professionals that correspond to modern architectural spaces and improve our daily surroundings with plants.

Our Planters

Our planters are produced using concrete 3d printing technology and in the most material economic manner.

The visual language is inspired by naturally occurring phenomena and the meeting point of mathematics, physics and art.
The planters are made from a coarse material that adds to their stability and endurance, yet their visual language is soft and gentle.
By combining the natural shapes and the architectural material the planter offers a logical transition between the plants themselves and the place they belong to.

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